Look Inside Yourself

Look Inside Yourself

The power of your mind is stronger than you think when you organize all of your ideas in coherent words, never be afraid to speak them out loud, the more people hear the sound of your voice and the information that you are transmitting the more chances are there for this ideas and dreams to become your reality, that's the first step, also write them down if you don't have anyone to remember them for you and with technology now a days you can even say it out laud and record it in any cellphone. Even if people tell you that what you think is crazy and that it will never work, don't lose hope in yourself, if you only knew how many people in my life have said to me that my ideas are way too far from reality I would be naming family members teachers and most friends I have had along my way but no matter what I always believed in myself and wanted to prove to everyone that nothing is impossible and every single thing that exists now at some point was imagined in someone's mind and now a day is possible.

There is no limits to information in this world that is connected to the web of things because soon there will be different kinds of internets not only the one we know. 

The ability to communicate with each other is growing faster and turning into a very magical tool that lets you not only connect but also discover and learn anything you can ever think of, so the future is not so crazy after all, imagine one day when there will be the biggest change in the world when people will not have to make a physical effort to do anything to generate money because we will have a system that will generate that for us, the energy of the world is changing people want to share and we will get to a point where the systems just produce money based on our ideas and the things we love to do, if everyone got to do what they love and get to make money for of it? Automated Money Making system connected to your home and anywhere you are it works automatically uploads any  idea to the systems and you just enjoy life traveling and learning from different parts of the space.

Death will not be absolute as we already are developing the ability to prolong life indefinitely by 2045 so if you had the time and money to do anything you want the question is What would you do?


Written by

       - Maria Tokareva- 

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